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Happy Family

See what the Cool Creek Family has to say...

Exceeding Expectations One Patient at a Time

" I have regained flexibility and am able to exercise and enjoy golf again! Overall, this provides for more enjoyment of life in general!"

"My husband, cousin, and I have all benefited greatly from the chiropractic care in our lives. None of the three of us had ever been to a Chiropractor before. Therefore, we did not know what to expect. We only had feedback from others all through the years as to their experiences with various Chiropractors in different states.
All three of us have tremendously benefited from this medical intervention. Our back pain has disappeared, and we are pleased that our spines have become aligned correctly. Our postures are better. Each of us has greater range of motion in neck movement. Pain has subsided and is gone. We are more agile and fit. We cannot say enough good about Dr. Grant Romine's expertise, as well as his professional and caring manner. He is competent and stays current with the research in his specialty and overall health concerns for his clients. We heartily recommend him to anyone of any age for preventive care as well as remedial care!"

"I have regained complete range of motion in my neck, my muscles no longer ache constantly, and my headaches and toothaches are gone!"

"The office has a family atmosphere, and the staff truly cares about how you're feeling and giving you the care you need!"

"Since beginning chiropractic care, my asthma is much better." 

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